Premier Roulette

If there’s one roulette game currently available online in Canada that lives up to its name, it is Microgaming’s Premier Roulette. The wheel itself is akin to a work of art such is the visual quality and if you weren’t paying attention it would be easy to believe it was a video feed from a real table. It is not just the animations that make this iteration of online roulette premier either, as the developer has crammed in a whole host of options, automatic bets and much more – with all being revealed in the full review below.

Game Details at a Glance

Software: Microgaming
Minimum Bet: $2 on even money bets

Play Premier Roulette for Real

Premier Roulette may not be the cheapest version of the game to play, but if you want to play in luxury and style then a minimum of $2 on even money bets is certainly nothing to sniff at. If you’re just playing for a single lucky number then you can even spin the wheel for as little as $0.25. Either way, the thrill of roulette comes from the chance to win cash and that’s exactly what you can do by playing this very game at the top class casinos for Canadian players featured on the right of this page.

How to Play

On a truly basic level, Premier Roulette is as easy to play as any other roulette game. The basic concept of placing chips on the board and then spinning the wheel to see where the ball lands and what you win continues to ring true, but it is frankly incredible to see the amount of different options and statistics that Microgaming has managed to cram into this game. For starters, you can skip the main board entirely when placing bets and use the cover board instead for single numbers, red splits and more. Every chip you place will automatically adjust the cover percentage too, so you at least know your chances of the ball landing somewhere in the right area.

The history at the top right of the screen keeps track of recent results, you can choose between normal and turbo speeds and even change the colour of the table to suit your tastes. You can even use Expert Mode to keep track of your favourite bet placement patterns, switching between up to five different pre-sets depending on how your luck is holding up on the game.

Our Verdict

Premier Roulette is basically a casino classic pulled off to perfection. From accurate depictions of the main game board to an impressive wheel, it gets all the basics right before taking things to the next level with all the statistics and options that even professional players could want. We’d even rank it right up there with live dealer roulette when it comes to authenticity and that’s high praise indeed so be sure to check out the game for yourself at one of the excellent casinos in the sidebar.

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