Premier Roulette Diamond Edition

Microgaming’s Premier Roulette is widely regarded as being one of the best versions of online roulette and the Diamond Edition of the game is more of the same but with a stripped back presentation. If Premier Roulette is the Las Vegas of online roulette games, then Premier Roulette Diamond Edition is the private gentleman’s club in London – all the same functionality but a little more exclusive and refined. The choice between the two games will come down to personal preference and the good news in that regard is that we’ve got coverage of both right here at Casino Canada.

Game Details at a Glance

Software: Microgaming
Minimum Bet: $1 on even money bets

Play Premier Roulette Diamond Edition for Real

We’re not the only place that covers both iterations of Premier Roulette either. Players can also try their hand at both games, this time with real money on the line, by heading on over to one of the top class casinos on the right hand side of this page. They’re both home to a great range of online roulette games, not to mention all the legendary Microgaming slots and much more besides. Looking specifically at Premier Roulette Diamond Edition, they represent your best bet for cash action!

How to Play

The visuals on this game are kept relatively simple, especially compared to the relatively cluttered nature of the Premier Roulette screen. The board and wheel take pride of place and you can spread your bets around the board with a variety of chip denominations. The game also incorporates a handy “double” button, which will instantly double the value of every chip on the board – just make sure you try not to fall into the trap of the Martingale System when using that button!

While the screen looks relatively simple, hitting the expert option will bring plenty more into play. There’s the cover bets board and a whole host of call bets, together with the impressive option of saving up to six different chip layouts. These can then be selected between spins with a single click.

Finally, perhaps the best addition of all to Premier Roulette Diamond Edition is the Autoplay feature. If you’re the kind of player that sticks with his chips no matter what then this is perfect as you can play up to a hundred spins without actually sitting at the table!

Our Verdict

The title for classiest online roulette game currently available simply has to go to Premier Roulette Diamond Edition. It can go from one of the most simple but effective games of its kind to one of the most feature packed with just a single click and incorporates more than enough by way of features and options to satisfy even the most demanding players. All you need to do to see why we rate it so highly is to play it and that’s something you can do right now – just head over to one of the great casinos on the right of the page and they’re sure to take care of you!

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