Multi-Wheel Roulette Gold

When you’ve gone through the arduous process of placing a multitude of different bets on the board while playing roulette, the quick spin of the wheel can seem like something of an anti-climax. What if your bets counted across multiple wheels at the same time? Well, the great news here is that this is precisely the case on Microgaming’s Multi-Wheel Roulette Gold which, as the name suggests, is played out across more than one wheel at the same time. Indeed, players have access to up to eight different wheels on every bet – perfect for the time conscious who can effectively get eight spins in the time it takes for one on other games and ideal for those that want a faster paced thrill as part of their roulette gaming experience. We’ve got absolutely everything you need to know about playing the game to its full potential in the review below!

Game Details at a Glance

Software: Microgaming
Minimum Bet: $1 on even money bets

Play Multi-Wheel Roulette Gold for Real

Do you want to be the player that potentially takes down eight times as many bonus credits on each spin of the wheel, or would you prefer to be the one that sees real cash stacking up in their casino balance? If you’re more inclined towards the latter then you’ll certainly want to play Multi-Wheel Roulette Gold for cash and that’s something you’re able to do instantly at any of the great casinos featured in the sidebar. They’ll also make your deposits go much further too thanks to regular bonuses, loyalty rewards and much more.

How to Play

Whether you’re playing with one wheel or eight, the concept of bet placement isn’t a difficult one on roulette, especially if you’re an experienced player. The chances are that you already have a favoured pattern of chips on the board and this game makes the process even easier with a large selection of call bets on display, allowing players to cover favourite selections with a single click. If it’s your first spin then you’ll probably want to decide on the number of wheels in play too, as they’re not fixed at eight. Indeed, you can close and open different wheels independently for any combination you choose. The total spin bet is then calculated by the total value of the chips on the board multiplied by the number of wheels in play.

Aside from all of the usual roulette game functionality that we all know and love, players also have a whole host of options and statistics at their fingertips. You can adjust the speed at which the wheels turn and see just how often the ball lands on red or black for those crucial betting decisions at later stages of the game.

Our Verdict

It is fair to say that Multi-Wheel Roulette Gold is roulette taken to the next level. In many ways, we can see absolutely no reason to play any other roulette game as it’s a time saver, prize booster and visually stunning game all in a single package. Be sure to check it out next time you hit one of Canada’s top Microgaming casinos!

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