Maple Casino Review

We often note here at Casino Canada that you’re unlikely to find a specifically Canadian casino and while that continues to be the case, Maple Casino is about as close as you’ll ever get. Indeed, the brand was created to be the Canada facing brand of one of the largest groups of Microgaming casinos in the world, meaning that players get all of the benefits of international experience combined with a local touch. Such intentions cannot be underestimated and while still relatively young, having been established in 2006, Maple has already gone on to be one of the most popular destinations in the country.

Maple Casino and Instant Casino

Casino Highlights

  • A Canadian focus. One aspect of the Maple experience that other casinos simply cannot match is that it has been designed with Canadian players in mind. In terms of features and options, there is not much more to the experience than at any other Microgaming casino, but the experience and local knowledge of support staff at this casino definitely allows it to stand out in the crowd.
  • The full Microgaming experience. Players don’t have to sacrifice anything for the local touch when it comes to software and games, with all of your slot and table game favourites backed up by what is widely considered to be the most impressive casino software backend in the world.
  • Great bonuses and promotions. The fact that Maple Casino is part of the aforementioned large, international casino group means that players can benefit from enrolling in one of the most impressive reward schemes in the world. From the initial welcome bonus to everything that comes with playing the top games, this brand checks all of the boxes for any player that wants to see their deposits going as far as possible.

Maple Casino in Canada

If you want to back the home team, so to speak, then you can’t do any better than Maple Casino. The Canadian style is as much for branding purposes as anything else, but a close relationship with the Canadian gaming market is more than sufficient in as far as your gaming action and rewards are concerned. It might not be the most authentic Canadian experience imaginable, but in the absence of our very own online casinos, their efforts are certainly worthwhile.

Software and Games

Like all the casinos in the same group, Maple Casino operates through the Microgaming software platform. Aside from utilising their own visuals, little has changed compared to the stock version, so if you’re already familiar and comfortable with what Microgaming has to offer, you’ll have absolutely no difficulty in as far as getting to grips with the Maple Casino interface is concerned. Everything from making a deposit to qualifying for a promotion is an absolute breeze and that is all credit to exactly how easy the casino is to use.

Where the games themselves are concerned, everything continues to be reasonably standard, although when it comes to Microgaming, that is certainly no bad thing. Indeed, there are plenty of highlights and we’ve picked out the following three as some of the very best:

  • More games than any other standalone brand. Microgaming has been around longer than any other online developer and so it comes as little surprise to learn that they have got more games than anyone else too. With more added every month, they look to be in no danger of losing that tile any time soon and Maple provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy them all in full.
  • A diverse selection of games to suit any taste. Again, much of the credit goes to the developer rather than the casino itself for this, but with the two going hand in hand, it is definitely a boon for Maple itself that they can suit any player’s tastes. From the standard offering such as slots, blackjack and roulette, to the biggest range of video poker games you could ever hope to find and niche favourites like keno and scratch cards, they’ve got every base covered.
  • Jackpots for any occasion. As you’d expect, Maple Casino is keyed in directly to the full jackpot prize pools offered at every Microgaming casino and if you want a shot at winning with a Canadian flavour then this is the place to be. With millions up for grabs every time you log in across all sorts of different games, there’s never a dull moment.

The Welcome Bonus

Keeping things relatively standard seems to be a recurring theme as we look closer at what Maple Casino has to offer and while the welcome bonus won’t necessarily have you jumping for joy, it will certainly get you off to a great start. New players are immediately welcomed with thirty free spins on a selected slot and that’s quickly followed by up to $100 matched at 100% when you make your first deposit. The second is then matched at 50% with another $100 up for grabs, and finally your third deposit receives another $100, this time at an impressive 200% match rate.

Our Verdict for Canadian Players

Maple Casino bills itself as “Canada’s favourite online casino” and while that is debateable, we certainly give them points for actually making the effort of appealing to Canadian players. It can best be summed up as a simple, solid gaming experience with more than a hint of Canadian flavour – not outstanding in any single way but certainly not bad in any either, and if you’re looking for somewhere simple but effective, this brand certainly fits the bill.