Louisiana Double

While not a lot changes conceptually between online video poker games, some titles are definitely more unique than others and we’d go as far as to call Louisiana Double one of the most unique forms of video poker around. It may look familiar – it is a Microgaming title after all – but this is the only game in the entire range to introduce a completely brand new card which you won’t find in any standard deck. That card is the double card and it allows this game to stand out as one that every video poker should try, especially if they’ve had their fill of other games!

Game Details at a Glance

Software: Microgaming
Number of hands: 1
Minimum Bet: $0.25
Top Prize: 2,500 Coins for a Royal Flush
Bonus Feature: Double up gamble

Play Louisiana Double for Real

Louisiana Double consistently pays out impressive prizes that any player is sure to be pleased with and while it can be nice to see how far you can take your demo credits, we prefer to have real winnings to withdraw after our gaming session! You will therefore be looking to play for real cash as often as possible and you can get great value with the casinos on the right hand side of the page, as they offer bonuses, extra cash and more that can raise your stakes or extend your sessions for even more chances to win.

How to Play

The basics of Louisiana Double are in line with just about any other video poker game that you may have played before, with the minimum bet staying consistent at $0.25 and the top end reaching $25 per hand. Hands are dealt and the draw is made as usual, with players looking to form a hand consisting of at least a pair of jacks in order to win a prize.

Where Louisiana Double Video Poker differs from other games is the inclusion of the double card. While you may be used to jokers and wild deuces, this card is not wild at all. However, it does double the value of any prize won by the other four cards in the hand. The best part is that the prizes on the pay table remain reasonably consistent compared to other games, all except the Royal Flush. If you have a habit of hitting the top prize then this might be a game to avoid as it pays 2,500 coins, compared to the Microgaming standard of 4,000. That would be great if it could be doubled, but you cannot form any hand of five cards with the double card in play, so that’s the only drawback.

Our Verdict

If you’re the kind of player that rarely gets their hands on a Royal Flush then Louisiana Double is well worth checking out. There’s only a single double card in the deck so it won’t apply to every single hand, but when it does, it makes for some of the largest wins of its kind. See how it all works out for you by heading to one of the great online casinos featured in the sidebar, which are home to the best Microgaming action in Canada.

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