Jackpot City Casino Review

In many ways, Jackpot City is just another Microgaming casino. Sure, that’s no bad thing as the developer powers many of the most popular online casinos in Canada, but it takes more than simply cloning the competition to stand out in our market. Fortunately, this brand has more than a few tricks up its sleeve that serve to make it genuinely different to the rest – although it doesn’t skimp on the basics either and, as you’ll discover in the full review below, it could well be considered to be a Microgaming casino taken up a level.

Jackpot City Online Casino

Casino Highlights

  • A Microgaming backbone with a few extra options. Microgaming is no slouch when it comes to casino games. Indeed, it offers more than any other single developer and that alone makes Jackpot City worth checking out. However, the casino lives up to its name by offering a selection of instant win jackpot games from NeoGames that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else and these can serve as just the change of pace that players need to differentiate a gaming session.
  • A selection of bonuses that cannot be found anywhere else. This casino could just as easily be called Bonus City as it handles promotions in a manner you may well have never seen before. Among the highlights are a separate account where your bonus cash is stored, waiting for redemption on a monthly basis, and a cash back mode that can be activated at any time, at which point you’ll instantly earn bonus cash for every stake you place.
  • Flexibility. More options are always a good thing at any casino and you’re spoilt for choice at Jackpot City. Play instantly in your browser, download the casino software or land somewhere in the middle with the lite package, which downloads three games initially and will load your other preferred titles in the background while you play. They also offer one of the very best Microgaming mobile casino experiences in Canada for phone and tablet fans, so this is one brand that has every base covered.

Jackpot City Casino in Canada

Jackpot City is about as international as they come where casinos are concerned, but they also give players in Canada all of the basic options that they could hope for. That means Canadian Dollars, English and French among the available languages and toll free support within the country, manned by some of the most knowledgeable support staff that we’ve ever had the pleasure of coming across.

Software and Games

While all of the casino software offered by Jackpot City is essentially Microgaming’s main platform at heart, they have implemented more customisation than most. This means that you receive all of the benefits of the main platform, such as great usability and tight account management, together with a few extras that set it apart from the crowd and allow for some enhanced gaming experiences, such as the extensive promotions featured above.

Bringing additional developers on board also benefits players and allows Jackpot City to stand out through their games in the following ways:

  • An enhanced choice of games. The regular Microgaming selection is always solid and more than enough for most players, but the inclusion of NeoGames action gives Jackpot City an ace up its sleeve that ties nicely into the overall brand. In addition to the standard slots and table games, there are plenty of instant win games that are perfect for quick sessions and work equally well online and on mobiles.
  • Promotions and games that work in harmony. Plenty of casinos offer outstanding promotions, but Jackpot City makes them a part of the game selection by combining free spins, cash back and more across specific titles. If you want to improve your odds on certain games with cash extras and offers that can’t be found elsewhere, this is the place to play.
  • The latest games and all the classics at your fingertips. Jackpot City looks modern to say the least and they give equal prominence to the newest releases and all-time favourites, along with offering the often overlooked search box so that you can get straight into the games that you really want to play without delay. It sounds simple but few other casinos come close to this one where usability is concerned.

The Welcome Bonus

The real value in the promotions at Jackpot City comes into play when you’ve been there for a while as they’ll know what you’re into by way of games. However, the regular welcome bonus is a great way to kick things off, with ten free spins on selected slots offered before you even make a deposit. When the time comes to make that deposit, you’ll be pleased to see one of the best offers around – a 100% match that can be worth up to $400.

Our Verdict for Canadian Players

Jackpot City Casino does more than enough to allow it to stand out in the crowd where Microgaming casinos are concerned and that works in its favour, especially with over a hundred such casinos available here in Canada. Any player that values promotions as highly as the games themselves should definitely check it out as we’re certain that their unique offerings will keep players coming back for more.