European Roulette Gold

Microgaming created the very first mainstream online roulette game so to say that they have some experience in this area would be an understatement! Their leading offerings have continued to evolve over the years, with the latest result being European Roulette Gold, which brings the game to your screens in style.

Game Details at a Glance

Software: Microgaming
Minimum Bet: $1 on even money bets

Play European Roulette Gold for Real

You’ll almost always find European Roulette Gold among the most played lists on our recommended Microgaming partner casinos, which each offer a great gaming experience for Canadian players. Check out our online casino reviews to see which casino is right for you or, if you’re looking for this game specifically, you’ll find it loaded up and ready to play instantly at the casinos in the sidebar.

How to Play

At first glance, European Roulette Gold looks fairly standard, with a constantly spinning wheel and the standard game board on which players can place their bets. Chip denominations are placed at the side of the table and you can take your pick to place all manner of different bets. The standard game gives players the opportunity to repeat their bets, so any favourite patterns don’t need to be placed each and every time you spin the wheel.

A tap of the ‘Expert’ button will open up the true potential of this game for advanced players. It will calculate your cover percentages as you place your bets, offers single click access to common multiple bets and also allows players to set up to eight different layouts. These can be edited individually and repeated with a single click. Aside from this, it is business as usual with the standard rules in play at all times.

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for an authentic European roulette experience online then you don’t need to look any further than European Roulette Gold. It can be a simple, accessible game for casual players, but certainly packs a punch when it comes to advanced options too. The fact that Microgaming considers this to be their flagship roulette game should tell you all you need to know about its quality and you can get straight into real money action at the great Canadian online casinos on the right hand side of this page.

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