Double Exposure Blackjack

Double Exposure Blackjack is one of our favourite table games as we really appreciate having as much information as possible when betting. Sure, you have to give up some value across the game in return for being able to see the dealer’s hole cards, but it can lead to a much more informed, interactive experience. Throw that on top of it being a solid game all round and we’re particularly impressed – check out all the details on how to play for cash in the full review below.

Game Details at a Glance

Software: Microgaming
Minimum Bet: $1
Number of Hands: 1
Number of Decks: 6

Play Double Exposure Blackjack for Real

Statistically speaking, players have just as much chance of winning on this version of blackjack as any other and the flexibility of the rules really makes for a different kind of experience. As long as you play properly, it can be the typically consistent bankroll builder that most table games are, so you simply have nothing to lose when playing for real cash compared to regular blackjack. With that in mind, we’d definitely recommend checking it out at one of the great casinos featured in the sidebar, where you’ll find this game and all the other great Microgaming table games, all in one place.

How to Play

The gameplay on Double Exposure Blackjack is unquestionably the highlight and you’ll be pleased to know that the game shares plenty in common with other variants in as far as bet placement is concerned. You’ll be playing just a single hand and bets are controlled with the standard selection of buttons as opposed to direct interaction with the board itself. That leads to a minimum hand bet of $1, although there really is something for everyone on this game, with a top end of $200 per hand available.

Both the player and the dealer receive both hole cards as part of the initial deal, with everything being dealt face up. Essentially, you know exactly what the dealer has in their hand and can make your decisions accordingly. For example, if you’re holding nineteen and they’re showing twenty, you know that there’s nothing to lose in attempting to hit for a two or an ace as you’ll lose anyway if you don’t.

As noted, there are some compromises in the rules to make up for this additional information. All ties except blackjack are judged in the dealer’s favour rather than pushed and a winning blackjack hand is paid only at even money rather than three to two.

Our Verdict

Double Exposure Blackjack is probably our favourite online version of the classic game and we’re confident that if players try it, they’ll be more than happy with it too. It’s ready to play for cash and bonuses at some top class casinos, with our picks offered up on the right of this page.

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