Online Blackjack and Top Cash Casinos

Blackjack is about as simple and effective as casino games come and whether you're familiar with the land based version or are a seasoned online player already, there are great bonuses and plenty of different versions to be found online. If you're happy with the original game then there are of course plenty of opportunities, but our featured online casinos allow players to receive top notch rewards each and every time they play and as you'll be well aware, every edge counts on this particular game!

If you want to practice your basic strategy or simply try a brand new take on the game we know and love, we've got some top class action from the biggest and best developers in the world and you can take them for a test drive right here at Casino Canada:

Why Play Blackjack Online

One of the more conventional reasons for enjoying casino games online as opposed to playing in the local casino has to do with improved returns and overall better odds in the player's favour. When it comes to blackjack, the potential returns are tied directly into the game, so there's not much wiggle room for the casino no matter what. However, this has directly influenced innovation when it comes to real money online blackjack and has led to the likes of Microgaming and Net Entertainment creating some great new takes on the original game.

From games where the dealer reveals both of their hole cards, such as in Net Entertainment's Double Exposure Blackjack, to casino titles that have a progressive jackpot tacked on as in Microgaming's Roulette Royale, there's much more than simply reaching 21 and beating the dealer on offer!

Rewards and Bonuses for Playing Online Blackjack

For many years, blackjack was the game of choice for any player looking to turn over a casino bonus quickly, given the low variance and relatively simple grind of the game. Nowadays, you'll need to keep an eye on the terms and conditions to make sure that your hands count towards turnover requirements – virtually every casino has added terms that ensure turnover rates are lower on blackjack than on slots and other higher variance games. Fortunately, it may take a little longer but our recommended online casinos do allow players to turn over bonuses in this manner, it will just take a little longer.

Deciding Where to Play Online Blackjack in Canada

As you'd imagine, there isn't such a thing as an online casino that does not offer at least basic blackjack to players. However, as with any other game, if you really want the biggest bonuses and the most choice, certain casinos are better than others. Every one of the brands that we recommend throughout the Casino Canada site is definitely a great place to play and you can check out the reviews for more details on what each has to offer. All of the blackjack variants that you can play here on the site are also accompanied by specific casino recommendations on their review pages, so if you find one taking your fancy, you can click right through and be instantly prepared for real cash action!