Blackjack Pontoon Pro Series

Our British cousins like to put their own spin on many common casino games and that’s exactly where the game of pontoon originated. It is of course actually quite popular here in Canada, at least in comparison to the US, but even if you’ve never played Blackjack Pontoon Pro Series specifically, the similarities to regular blackjack are sufficient to make it perfectly accessible. Here in our game review, we’ll go over the differences to regular blackjack that you can expect, together with where you should be playing if you choose to go for real money action.

Game Details at a Glance

Software: Net Entertainment
Minimum Bet: $1
Number of Hands: 3
Number of Decks: 6

Play Blackjack Pontoon Pro Series for Real

The low variance and simply gameplay that is inherent to regular blackjack continues to be a factor here on Blackjack Pontoon Pro Series and that’s a good enough reason as far as we’re concerned to make real money play a priority. It is one of the highlights of the Net Entertainment table gaming selection, which is absolutely packed with top notch action and you can check out both this game and all the other leading titles at the excellent NetEnt partner casinos featured in the sidebar.

How to Play

Blackjack Pontoon Pro Series utilises a minimum bet of $1 and a maximum of $40 on the regular version, although some casinos also offer a separate high roller version of the game. No matter which way you choose to play, you’ve got $1, $5 and $10 chips with which to build your bet and up to three hand can be played simultaneously and independently. You’re looking to hit pontoon ideally, which is identical to blackjack wherein an ace and ten value card come together to make for 21. Otherwise, another form of 21 or anything that beats the dealer is sufficient to get the most out of the game. For the uninitiated, stick, twist and buy are equivalent to stand, hit and double in the games you may be used to.

In terms of the differences between pontoon and regular blackjack, aside from terminology, they are few in number but still important. For starters, the dealer must twist not only on sixteen but also soft seventeen, so this can factor into your strategy. Pontoon is paid at an improved rate of two to one, while players are also rewarded for five card tricks. This is essentially a hand consisting of five cards that adds up to 21 or less and this too is paid at two to one.

Our Verdict

As with most variations on online blackjack, Blackjack Pontoon Pro Series is different enough to be worth checking out but familiar enough to be easy to play. The chance to win by simply forming a hand consisting of five cards can be worthwhile in its own right and enhanced prize values really push it over the edge as a game you should definitely try out when you land at one of our favourite casinos.

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