Atlantic City Blackjack

Microgaming’s take on Atlantic City Blackjack is the kind of game where you’ll be well aware of the basics but may well find the slight variations on the gameplay to be exactly what you’re looking for. Atlantic City is of course one of the prominent gaming destinations in the US and their own version of blackjack has remained popular among players for obvious reasons, with the number of decks bumped up to eight and other slight twists on proceedings making for lots of entertainment.

Game Details at a Glance

Software: Microgaming
Minimum Bet: $1
Number of Hands: 1
Number of Decks: 8

Play Atlantic City Blackjack for Real

Like many other common casino games, much of the inherent entertainment value comes from watching your bankroll build and so you’ll almost certainly want to play Atlantic City Blackjack for cash before long. Fortunately, you can do exactly that without delay by heading over to one of the great casinos on the right of this page, where you’ll find a huge selection of table games including this one, not to mention great extra offers that are sure to nudge the odds in your favour.

How to Play

The basics of the game could not be simpler, as there is not much of a difference between placing bets on Atlantic City Blackjack and any other related game in the Microgaming range. There’s a whole host of different coin values, starting off at $1, and you’ll receive two initial cards for that bet. You then have the standard options to hit, double or split in an effort to beat the dealer.

Aside from using eight different decks, the game also stands out for a couple of changes in the standard rules. Splitting aces, for example, will lead to players receiving only one more card on each hand. A ten joining that ace is then only worth 21 rather than blackjack, although that’s usually enough to take down a win. On any other split card, you can continue to double and hit as normal. Atlantic City Blackjack also employs late surrender, where players can give up their hand if the dealer is showing an ace but doesn’t have blackjack.

Our Verdict

The subtle rule changes in this game make it noticeably different to what could be considered as normal blackjack, and the fact is that you’ll either love or hate the changes. The game was created with existing fans in mind and while it is well worth trying if you’re looking for something a little different, we feel that players will either love it or hate it. Fortunately, our recommended Microgaming casinos offer the largest selection of blackjack games around, so you can always try your hand at this one and then switch back to the more regular format with just a few clicks.

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