7 Sultans Casino Review

Of all the online casinos partnered with Microgaming that are currently available to players in Canada, 7 Sultans arguably looks the most basic. In fairness, it also happens to have been around longer than most and continues to benefit from the kind of reputation that keeps players coming back for more, while also of course keeping existing players happy. They have managed to adapt to remain at the forefront of the industry over the years and continue to be a particularly solid option for any player than enjoys the perks of playing at a Microgaming brand.

7Sultans Online Casino and Game

Casino Highlights

  • Plenty of options when it comes to cash management. One of the very best things about playing at 7 Sultans is the fact that you’ll always have convenience when it comes to managing your money. Their withdrawals are among the fastest around, with cash usually landing in your account within two days, while those using popular digital wallets have a nominal minimum deposit of $1. As for how far a dollar will get you, we’ll have to leave that part up to you!
  • The 7 Sultans Rewards Program. Many Microgaming casinos offer industry leading reward schemes, but the one at 7 Sultans is particularly notable thanks to the availability of rewards that start off impressively and then continue to get even bigger and better as you make your way through the different tiers. All your action is eligible for earning points, and that goes for all devices too, so you’ll quickly find yourself noticeably higher in the scheme than you may have thought!
  • All the jackpot prizes that you could ever hope for. While Microgaming often vies with Net Entertainment for the biggest current jackpot prizes available depending on which was won more recently, no other developer offers the same breadth of jackpot opportunities. You can increase the variance of blackjack in order to scoop tens of thousands on a hand, or pick up an equally impressive prize when the same number lands consecutively on the roulette wheel – not to mention all the progressive slots prizes you could hope for, all in one place.

7 Sultans Casino in Canada

7 Sultans was designed with players from just about anywhere in mind, and so it is not Canadian specific. However, there are plenty of elements of the experience that make it ideal for players in Canada without specialising, such as support for Canadian Dollars and everything from your account screen to the games themselves being offered in both English and French. In short, you won’t be missing out on any Canadian perks by playing here.

Software and Games

If you’ve played at an online casino before, then the chances are that it was a Microgaming one given how dominant the developer is in Canada. The good news in that regard is that the interface rarely changes much and so you’ll already be familiar with making deposits, finding the top games and everything else that goes with enjoying a great gaming experience.

Regarding the games specifically, 7 Sultans offers an attractive mix of the usual favourites and a few extras that allow it to stand out in the crowd.

  • The full Microgaming experience. If a Microgaming casino game is currently available anywhere, then you can be sure that it will be available on 7 Sultans. You’ll want to download the casino software for the full experience, as some games are exclusive to it, but the online platform is never too far behind so that will also make plenty of sense for most players.
  • Live dealer casino gaming. The 7 Sultans live casino is by no means the largest around, with a fairly standard range of three games on offer, but the fact that Microgaming partners can be somewhat hit and miss in this regard ensures a nice change of pace for players that like to mix things up between live and digital gaming.
  • Regular bonuses for specific games. Most casinos keep the bonuses coming, but few come close to 7 Sultans when it comes to promotions that are likely to appeal to fans of specific casino games. Whether it’s a featured slot or a classic table game, there’s always the chance to make your bankroll go further, often in combination with the opportunity to try something new.

The Welcome Bonus

The 7 Sultans welcome bonus is one of our favourites, simply because there aren’t any bells and whistles and absolutely no waiting around. While some casinos split modest bonus amounts across various deposits, you’ll pick up the full welcome on your very first cash payment, with up to $500 available. That also means that the full bonus amount is awarded at a 100% match rate, and that’s exactly why it is so valuable and worthwhile.

Our Verdict for Canadian Players

7 Sultans may not be much to look at compared to the very latest and greatest online casinos, but visuals are only part of the equation. Everything else is truly top notch and the quality of the welcome bonus is what nudges it ahead of the crowd in our estimations. Throw in the fact that the latest games are complemented by some top class live dealer action and you’ve got yourself one of the very best online casinos in Canada.